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Sikh Legal Assistance Board (S.L.A.B) is a registered charity set up in United Kingdom (Charity No. SC048790). S.L.A.B was set up by Gurpreet Singh Johal in April 2019 when during fighting for the release of his younger brother, Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi Johal) who was abducted by Punjab police officers on 4 November 2017 then taken to an unknown holding facility where he was subjected to third degree torture for 4 consecutive days. On 7 November 2017, the Chief Minister of Punjab alongside senior Punjab police and intelligence officers declared Jagtar as a criminal with links to the murders of Right Wing Hindu Leaders without any evidence.

During the legal battle with the Indian state, Gurpreet was in close contact with Lawyers from Punjab and Delhi and he was notified of youths in both states being detained indefinitely in baseless cases due to not having any means to pay for lawyers to advocate on their behalf and fight their case in court. As Gurpreet found references to previous cases registered against other youths, he noticed a trend of innocent men being in jail for over 5 years without the commencement of any proceedings against them.

In December 2018, human rights lawyer Jaspal Singh Manjhpur visited United Kingdom to meet with Gurpreet and his family to give updates on Jagtars case and it was then Gurpreet got a clear insight into the troubles faced by youths who come from a poor background and were being used to clear cases by Punjab police officers to gain commendations and promotions. These youths have no means of support and are lost into the legal system which is designed to systematically silence people belonging to certain backgrounds. Gurpreet then spoke with a team of lawyers across Punjab and Delhi and they all echoed the same concerns as Jaspal Singh Manjhpur. This is when the decision was made to set up a charity to help those in need of legal assistance worldwide.

The aim of the charity is to provide legal assistance and legal support where required for those who cannot afford legal representation and without it will remain detained indefinitely.

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others".

Albert Schweitzer

Our Mission

Sikh Legal Assistance Board want to promote the relief of hardship, poverty and sickness amongst people who are being or have been detained in any part of the world outside of the European Union. Funds with be provided to indiduals who are detailed in prison aswell as legal advice and advocacy in that country. Financial support will also be provided to the families of prisoners so detained to alleviate hardship through loss of breadwinner. Support will also be provided to organisations from time to time to raise drug and alcohol awareness programmes and relief of families also afflicted.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide help to those that do not have access to legal assistance and cannot afford legal representation.

We Need Your Support Today!

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