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Gurpreet Singh

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

High Court judge disposes of Bail application submitted by Sikh Legal Assistance Board and directs the trial court to conclude the trial within 2 months.

Gurpreet Singh has been detained since 20 June 2017 under section 17, 18, 19, 20 of UAPA, section 14 of Foreigner's Act, section 25 of Arms Act and section 345 of Explosive Substances Act of Police Station Ramdaas.

Update: 04 November 2020

Gurpreet Singh & Simarjeet Singh have been released from prison having completed over three years in prison, whilst the trial was on going. Both have paid their fines and will be able to return to their families tonight. We have assisted three others (Balwinder Singh, Balkar Singh and Satinder Rawat) in this case who have been released from prison.

With your continued support, we will continue to assist Maan Singh Nihang and Sher Singh with their further representation following their 10 year imprisonment sentence.

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